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1st image: Christians in Egypt forming a barrier to protect Muslims while they pray (2011) 
2nd image: Muslims in Egypt forming a barrier to protect a church from being destroyed (2013) 

This is how you religion.

so there is still some hope left for us humans in the world, & that we’re not full of hate & ignorance!




Where Children Sleep photographed by James Mollison around the world.

"When photographer James Mollison was asked to do a project on children’s rights, he found himself thinking back to his childhood bedroom and the deep importance it played in his upbringing. Taking that idea with him around the world, he photographed a diverse cross section of children and the bedrooms they call home. His moving images remove the children from their home environment, showing them before a neutral background that mostly hides their economic status as if to say “kids are just kids.” Only when their bedroom is observed, however, does the full scope of their living situation become poiniently clear.”

we live in a deeply divided, unwell world. Why is it so hard for so many to shed the tribalism, and to truly become citizen’s of the world?


Onionlab, a multi-disciplinary studio based in Barcelona, created this 3D projection mapping project for the 2013 Mapping Festival

About the project:

Onionlab presents Evolució, a piece that revolves around the graphic and sound abstraction of the concept it is named after: evolution. It is construed as transformation, construction and alteration of reality through time; evolution as a discontinuous creation process as well.

Created with 3D projection mapping techniques, this time, Evolució was projected onto the façade of the Musées d’art et d’histoire de Genève, though the piece takes the evolution concept even further: It was conceived as an open transformation process so that it can also be adapted to different façades and projection surfaces, and so that Evolució can continue its transformation process.

You can watch the whole display in this video:

Evolució by Onionlab / Mapping Festival 2013 from onionlab on Vimeo.





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…”the translation of the hybrid ingredients of consciousness into visual evidence”

John Yau

good lines…and bad lines…

…’people of color’ artfully diluting their essence behind elaborate paravans of pattern and decoration…’becoming colorless ghosts’ (John Yau) 

…nudity or nakedness? does our dregree of discomfort vary according to the figurative proximity intimated by the medium…drawing, art photography, painting or performance…? when does a ‘nude’ become a naked body?

Gestalt: a unified whole. Entropic designs in uniformity born out of many parts*  

'The reductionist tendencies' of new art - massive scale/intimate, interactive spaces, singleness, indivisibility, infinite wholeness - suggested by the representations of 'dark holes' whether on physical structures or literally cut into canvas.